Longrich White Tea Multi Effect Toothpaste (Flouride-free)


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1. Contains white tea essence, xylitol, TSC antiseptic, hydrated silica, strontium chloride and aloe extract as main ingredient.
2. It contains calcium and menthol
3. It is fluoride free
4. The white essence and xylitol reinforce the roof of the teeth and prevent tooth decay
5. The TSC antiseptic and soft silicon abrasive is deep cleansing and gives fresh breath.
6. It strengthens the gum and gives the teeth ability to take any type of food and drink, cold or hot, sweet or acidic
7. It has he ability to stop him bleeding
8. It gradually dissolves hardened plague and stubborn stains
9. It is anti-cavity that is, prevents Teeth from having holes and can refill existing holes.

I am 42yrs old and have extracted two of my teeth but the pains would not stop so i was sad and helpless when my dentist suggested the 3rd extraction which i vehemently refused.One day in an eatery i heard some people discussing the paste which i later bought from him. On the first night i used the paste the pains stopped instantly, my gum which has been badly damaged was healed but the one that surprise me most was that the tooth which would have been forcefully removed fell off on its own without pains on a sunday night as i was eating a plate of rice. I thank God for Longrich for such a wonderful product.
I would highly recommend everybody especially those with tooth problems to use Longrich toothpaste.
Ifunanya M.N.


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