Sheep Placenta SOD Milk Body Cream


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1. It contains liposome SOD (SuperOxide Dimutase), vitamin E and moisturisers such glycerine and lanoline.
2. The SOD content is capable of reducing post burn wound size and skin swelling (edema formation)
3. The lanoline content locks existing moisture into the skin and also absorbs additional moisture from the air around it, thus preventing skin from becoming dry.
4. It penetrates skin and is capable of repairing damaged skin.
5. The glycerine content as a moisturizer treats and prevent dry, rough scaly itchy and skin irritations.
6. It protects the skin against germs.
7. It restores the youthful vitality of the skin.
8. It makes skin smooth and soft.
9. It contains allantoin which increases the smoothness of the skin, promotes cell replication; and promotes the healing of wounds, burns and scars.

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