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Mouth Freshener Spray

1. It contains snow tea and mint essence.
2. It is very effective in preventing mouth odour or bad breath.
3. It is good for sore throats and heart burn
4. It freshens breath after eating or drinking.
5. It is perfect in treating nasal congestion and thrust irritation.

Good for people with chronic mouth odor. Business executives, pastors, doctors, nurses, public servant use it to freshen their breath before any meeting. It is good for everybody, it’s also medicinal.
It is a good emulsifier
It has antioxidant & anti-carcinogenic properties of green tea
Neutralizes germs and bacteria growth in your mouth.

Testimony from a Longrich member:

Good morning great people.
Ever watched a child struggle to breathe and practically cough every minute at night because of common cold (cough and cattarh)? That was my fate last night. My 2 year old kept coughing and struggling to breathe and I couldn’t just sleep.
Guess what? I remembered my Longrich Mouthfreshner, reached out for it and sprayed just twice into his mouth, my people that was the end of the persistent cough at least for the night. We all went back to bed and slept peacefully till this morning.

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