Longrich Berry Oil


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1. It protects the liver from chemical damage.
2. It is made from sea buckthorn seed oil and gelatin which are invaluable ingredients.
3. Sea buckthorn seed oil contains Vitamin E, linolenic acid (Omega-3), linoleic acid (Omega-6) and other essential fatty acids.
a. Protects against several eye diseases
b. Boosts the body immune system.
c. Ensures healthy functioning of the body systems.
d. Increases energy supplied to the body system by safe and natural methods.
e. Tackle inflammations effectively.
f. Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.
g. Repairs damaged body cells.
4. It attacks free radicals thus preventing cancer and some liver diseases.
5. It is anti-aging.
6. It revitalizes the skin keeping it strong, healthy and soft even in the harsh weather conditions.
7. It is very effective for treating hepatitis
8. It keeps the brain healthy, help in memory loss
9. It is good for the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases
10. It is very effective in building up a multitude of the body’s defense against diseases.
11. It is good for people suffering from exposure to chemical
12. It protects against toxins such as pollution.

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